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after you give up smoking how Long before the human body cleans itself ???

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8 Responses to “after you give up smoking how Long before the human body cleans itself ???”

  1. ozgurl6827 said :

    It depends on how long you’ve been smoking for, some damage is repaired withi a couple of weeks, most damage within 5 years, but a large part of damage can never be fixed…

  2. GambitGrrl said :

    At 20 minutes after quitting:
    * blood pressure decreases
    * pulse rate drops
    * body temperature of hands and feet increases.

    At 8 hours:
    * carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
    * oxygen level in blood increases to normal

    At 24 hours:
    * chance of a heart attack decreases

    At 48 hours:
    * nerve endings start regrowing
    * ability to smell and taste improve

    The web site I listed goes on and lists the long term benefits too!

  3. windshadow2007 said :

    You must also know, that the first day is not the worst, only at the beginning you will think so. Actually the second and the third day are more difficult, because lack of nicotine in your blood appears and you really “need” a cigarette. In these first days your body starts to clean itself, You start to loose poisons, which you have been gathering for years. Your body will eliminate carbon monoxide, you will cough up tar, which has imposed in your lungs over years and you will lose about 3000 other toxic chemicals.
    On the second and the third day some symptoms appear which are caused by lack of nicotine in your blood. These symptoms are desire for cigarette, danger of anguish, tiredness, enlargement of appetite and body weight and also lower concentration at work.
    These symptoms are very serious, especially on the third day, but with the fourth day they start to lose the strength. For an average smoker these symptoms become moderate two weeks later. Only hunger and desire for a cigarette are stronger. Enlargement of appetite can hold out for months. Desire for a cigarette is reducing from day to day, but it could also hold out even for years!
    When some of the above symptoms appear you should start thinking about nice things. Think about all the poisons, which are going out of your body. Realise that this means the beginning of something new, better and healthy for your body. Don’t be afraid of cough, because in these days your lungs must get rid of tar. They must clean themselves completely. If you are afraid to grow fat we must warn you, that only 10-13% of smokers after giving up smoking fatten. And even those usually put on only 2-3kg, which means they get their regular weight. They would have had that weight if they hadn’t started smoking, because non-smokers grow fat within years for about 1kg every 5 years. Well, if you are still afraid of growing fat, you should watch what you eat, and you should put yourself in motion. Don’t sit in front of television all day long!
    When you feel the worst, think about the good sides of giving up that bad habit:

    – in the first 24 hours you will get rid of nasty smell of your hair, skin and stench
    – in 24 hours after giving up smoking the risk of dying from an illness which is caused by smoking is quite lower
    – in the first three days the level of carbon monoxide in your body gets very low
    – in the first four days nicotine will be eliminated from your body
    – in the first week your taste and smell will reform
    – in the first week almost all toxic chemicals will be eliminated from your body

  4. RAY said :

    I am on day #5 on the patch and determined (after 30 years of smoking) that I won’t give in to that “just one more” mentality that I had with each quit attempt in the past. Think of all the reasons for wanting to quit if not just for the money or health or social reasons. They say within minutes the body starts to repair the damages cause by tobacco/nicotine and like any addiction, it’s one day at a time. I know people that have quit smoking for more than ten years that continue to crave cigarettes. They know the worst thing you can do is give in to that one craving because it doesn’t stop there.

  5. Sam said :

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  6. Pangeran said :

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  7. Manu said :

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