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Any good tips for giving up smoking?

I have set my new giving up date for the 1st of April,and have failed numerous times,really want it to work this time,any good advice from any ex- smokers

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10 Responses to “Any good tips for giving up smoking?”

  1. bathtank said :

    I still smoke but willingly. The way I quite was everytime I “allowed” myself a cigarette I “had” to burn it out on my skin, do it on the legs its not as visible. Basically by the second cigarette you will beg yourself to quit 😉 hurts now helps in the long run.

  2. Kelly T said :

    Get a severe case of bronchitis. It feels like someone is sitting on your chest and you can’t breathe. Coughing all the time. OTC meds no good. Bronchitis that last for a month or more. It’s really scary not to be able to breathe.

    I smoked for 5-6 years. I quit when I got scared. Find a site that tells you what’s really in a cigarette. You may be shocked!

    I threw mine away and plan never, never smoke again. It’s been a month, and I still haven’t smoked. Still too scared.

  3. sorcha3sca said :

    Lots and lots of gum!! I have been 1 week with out smoking and it is hard let me tell you…. Gum takes the edge off. Coffee also.

  4. loves2sing said :

    I decided that I was no longer going to purchase any packs of cigarettes. And when I wanted one, I offered to pay someone $1.00 per cigarette. That pretty much equals $20/pack!

    My hardest part was not smoking when I drank. Find out when you smoke the most, and figure out what you are going to do INSTEAD of smoking during that time. Driving, after breakfast, during coffee, whatever. Chewing on cinnamon sticks helps, and so does drinking a glass of water. Staying busy is the best solution!

    Good luck…and remember it takes practice to quit. You didn’t learn to smoke on the first try either.

  5. Philibuster said :

    I smoked for 40 years but when my daughter became pregnant with my first grandchild, I quit cold turkey after a dental cleaning! That was 8 years ago. Never wanted to smoke again. Perhaps you need a really good reason.

  6. James N said :

    ~ Nell… The biggest thing you’ve done so far is to set the target date to quit!


    ~ Cold turkey… that’s how the Lord helped me do it in 1997. I knew the taste was rotten… I hated the fact that my bride, my children and grandchildren had to smell my pipe and/or ciggs. I chewed gum… had more snacks… gained weight… BUT… with the Lord’s help, I WON! YaHOO!

    ~ Now, I know that you can too, Nell… !

    ~ Remember Nell… the Lord didn’t create you with a smoke-stack extrudeing from the top of your skull, so you were NO DOUBT – NOT MENT TO SMOKE… neither was I… It’s just Satan’s ploy to get us to spend our money… to get hooked-on… to help us DIE sooner… to make our framily/friends/co-workers turn a nose-up at the stench of the nicotine.

    ~ Jer 29:11-13

  7. kraM said :

    Ex smoker of 30 some odd years here and like you I’ve quit a few times and each time ended up back at it within 6 months.

    This July it will be 5 years since I’ve dragged on a cigarette. On the last quit I was using the patch and chewing nic gum together which is a nicotine overdose I’m sure. I had never before prayed about it because knowing what an addict I am I was hesitant to tempt my God with false promises. After all you can sneak a butt on anybody but not on The Creator. So desperate to quit and already weakening with patch and gum I prayed sincerely to God and that put me over the top. He gave me the strength to make it stick. I kid you not. I believe it with all my heart. Even if you’re not a believer take my advice. There’s nothing quite like answered prayer to bring you to your knees.

  8. Hector B said :

    yeah this is a problem every smoker deals with, Here are some things you can do besides smoke. Pick up a bag of sunflower seeds, chew gum, etc…..

  9. dak81205 said :

    I just quit back in october. I got a prescription from my doctor for Zyban. I only had to take it for 5 days and then i was fine with out it. It just helped me with the gravings and emotional part of quitting exspecially if you are trying and you have kids.

  10. mortonvalley said :

    See your doc for a scrip for Zyban.


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