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any idea on how to permantly give up the smoking?

i have been smoking for 8 years now and i just can’t kick it, i have family members dying of cancer and still i light it up every day… help

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3 Responses to “any idea on how to permantly give up the smoking?”

  1. angiola said:

    call 1-800-quitnow!

    The most effective way to quit is to start on the patch, and also use nicotine gum as you feel urges throughout the day.

    The nicorrette citrus flavor tastes great!

    Make sure to sleep with the patch on, since the first smoke of the day is the most gratifying. It may make it hard to sleep those first few nights but your body will get used to it. Try starting on a weekend so it won’t make you miss sleep on a night you have to work.

    Good luck!

  2. Time Lady said:

    The meds work pretty well, too, combined with the patch. See your doctor.

  3. kagp2006 said:

    Sounds just like me. I am cutting back something I was told by a quit line was take a zip lock baggy and count out how many cigs you are allowing yourself for the day and don’t go over that amount. Don’t smoke in your home or your car only outside also when you feel like you need a cig try drinking water.

    The key is wanting to quit. I have so many reasons to quit (The fact that most of my great aunts and uncles passed away from cancer and my mother and grandfather both passed away from it this year too). Also all my health problems. But yet I still have problems quitting because I want to quit because of my health and the risk of cancer but yet part of me doesn’t want to quit yet.


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