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ANY tips on how to give up smoking?

I feel thats quite obvious Halliman
But then my teeth may fall out 🙁

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9 Responses to “ANY tips on how to give up smoking?”

  1. Uncle Dud said :

    Have a glass of ice water available at all times. Drink it instead of lighting up. If you smoke the water will taste awful.

  2. Atheist Dee said :

    Don’t put a cigarette in your mouth now. Don’t put a cigarette in your mouth a minute from now. Don’t put a cigarette in your mouth 2 minutes from now. Keep this up.

  3. Haliman S said :

    Your determination to quit smoking is very crucial. After you have succeeded, never try smoking again.

  4. Veronica S said :

    I always found that chewing gum is a great help, or take a rubber band and put it around your wrist and every time that you feel like smoking take the rubber band and snapped your wrist. Good luck.

  5. Chicita Locita said :

    when you feel like a smoke, have a chupa chup, trust me it works!

  6. Isamyn said :

    no real tips, just the facts – try the patch in the strongest dose until you dont have cravings. supplement this with the gum, inhaler etc. you CAN still smoke with the patch but it just means the patch isn’t strong enough. you dont need to cut down and stop like the commercials…just stop. good luck gal!

  7. Fender said :

    Took me 4 or 5 times to quit I smoked from when I was in year 8 until I was 21. What made me quit was when I moved to a different town. I found there was no other smokers around me and I just thought “you know what I’ll quit” and I did. You need to seperate yourself from other smokers to help you quit if you can and go cold turkey. Just be careful because I ate alot and put on some weight when I quit find something else recreational to do to keep your mind off cigerrettes.

  8. HENRY V said :

    learn to play the pink flute

  9. dweebken said :

    Call the Smoker’s QuitLine, they can help you. Here in Sydney it’s 13 QUIT. Maybe the links below will help you. Good luck!


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