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Anyone know if overcooking fish like Salmon destroy the Omega 3 and other health benefits?

certain vegetables like broccoli loose most of their nutrition by overcooking it and I was wondering if the same applied for fish.

or the more you cook it the more intense its nutrients (like tomatos)?
is there such a thing as overcooking?

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3 Responses to “Anyone know if overcooking fish like Salmon destroy the Omega 3 and other health benefits?”

  1. jimmy d. said :

    No fish should be overcooked, regardless.

  2. raysor said :

    Some cooks are coming back to the idea that vegetables should be cooked longer like our grandparents did, not like our modern Al Dente style. This is because the goodness is released and made more digestible. Then use the cooking water (Ugh!) to make gravy or sauce and claim back all the godness. I suspect the modern brief cooking of vegetables is more down to cost consideration than nutritional reasons. I do prefer brocolli & cauliflower just cooked, slightly crisp.
    Fish should be lightly cooked or it goes tough, as do chicken breasts. Most tomatoes, unless home grown are just water, tough and flavourless.
    Don’t worry about all this nutrient business, no one really understands it, and it is just to make money.
    There is a book out, which basically says: eat food and not too much, always eat at the table, eat food that your grandmother would recognise, avoid anything that mentions nutritious or nutrients, and try to do most of your shopping round the edge of the supermarket rather than in the middle. I don’t know, could be right?

  3. Mike L said :

    your concept is FULL of holes and Old wives tales..

    There are so many trillion of such chemicals in the foods you mention..
    You (your body) can only absorb a certain amount of any X HEALTH befits
    All the numbers listed for the 2000 calories are LAB numbers not real life that YOU “use”…
    Orange Juice “C” all you need,,, toast even more #’s,, forget the butter and jam JUST more..
    I am just wasting MY time…
    But I hope you MIGHT reflect what is real and what is simple MARKETING.. or Fear factors they have NO common sense…
    Humans are millions of years old,,,, the last 50 years Psychotics have run free to scare You.. ☺


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