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Are my efforts for giving up smoking to be admired?

My wife has expressed over several months I need to give up smoking. I have humbly attempted to give up the most addictive drug on the planet at least sixty times per day. Apparently, this is not enough.
How do I convince my wife that any man or woman that dedicates their entire life to adhere to a partners needs, is worth their weight in gold by any ones standards?

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11 Responses to “Are my efforts for giving up smoking to be admired?”

  1. Klucky said:


  2. dinggywangtastic said:

    not really,

    u r not even on the second base yet ( weed , crack,choco) and u already decided to give up ??

    Man up , life is short, get over ur self and LIVE

  3. Kojak said:

    keep smoking , it’s none of her business .

  4. Annie D said:

    idk thats a good question

  5. Anna J said:

    Have you just tried telling her that? If you have, and she still doesnt realize it, it may be just because shes a woman, and though most will never admit it, were always wanting more. I, myself a smoker, admire you if you really go through with quitting, and I hope your wife not showing much support does not take you back. Good luck!

  6. LIPPIE said:

    Gee I gave up smoking cold turkey, and no one thought I was special. Oh by the way who is dedicating their entire life to their partners needs, if you are banging her sister?

  7. Dan Jordan32 said:

    i’d just tell her that you really are trying your hardest and remind her that it IS the most addictive drug out there, show her this question even.

  8. mimzy said:

    Yes, they are. You are to be admired and commended for at least trying to quit. 🙂

  9. Laredo said:

    Only if your efforts to START smoking were to be admired. Apparently your wife wants you to live long enough to draw your first retirement check. She should be admired for that.

  10. Maggie Babe said:

    *lights up ciggy*

    me too…try and *puff* try…it’s an impossible feat for me.

    .I think youre worth your weight in gold….no matter what you’re smokin

    *puff puff*

  11. Sue C said:

    When it comes to smoking & trying everything in your power to quit, I feel you should in fact be commended. I have tried so many different ways to quit this so addictive habit, I can’t remember all the ways I honestly tried. From very expensive ones to some not quite as expensive. But, all of them do require either an Rx, or you pay an arm & a leg to TRY to quit. I drank alcoholically for 40 yrs. went to AA mtgs. & finally was able to conquer that “disease” 18 yrs. ago. Yes, that too was hard, but I was able to do it. I just cannot for the life of me quit this habit of smoking, & it’s not even considered a “disease”. My one only wish is that they would put the taxes on alcohol as they have on cigarettes! Alcohol is nothing but a “legal” drug that not only kills the one who drinks, it kills others too. The “hipe” that’s been put on smoking cigarettes in public places, to me, is totally ridiculous! Nonetheless, I totally agree w/you tho. I’ve taken meds. that gave me horrible nite mares, to one that has left a permanant ringing in my ears that is about enuf to drive me crazy, & no one can hear it but me. Even when I quit the med. that did this to me, it still has NOT gone away. This is the thanx I get for trying everything in MY power to quit, but I just cannot. I would give most anything to be able to tho, & completely understand just where you’re coming from..Good luck to all of us who are in this same boat together…:)


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