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Are there any good restaurants for people who have the celiac disease?

My little brother has the celiac disease which means he is allergic to gluten. When we are out he has to eat a lot of pure beef or chicken and I feel sorry for him so I am putting together a list of restaurants that have good food and maybe also gluten-free pizza and pasta. So it there any good restaurants with good gluten-free food in Ottawa, Ontario?

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6 Responses to “Are there any good restaurants for people who have the celiac disease?”

  1. mockingbird said:

    I don’t know of any restaurants that specifically cater to celiacs. But in my experience, many vegetarian restaurants seem to be sensitive to their needs and label which items are gluten-free.

  2. smartyness said:

    gluten is in wheat pasta, your best bet is….. CHINESE FOOD!!!!! Mostly uses rice flour!

  3. Celtic Tejas said:

    You need to educate yourself just all that Gluten is in. The person recommending Chinese was way off base Most Soy Sauces have wheat in them too. Egg Rolls are wrapped in a wheat dough etc.

    I live in Spring, TX a burb of Houston if I want to go to a 100% Celiac safe resturant there is 1 in San Antonio about 4 hours away. There are a few chains here that do have GF items on their menus. Google your area & see you may get a surprise.
    I just luv going out to eat even though it can be hard. Best I can do on Pasta & Pizza is do my own at home. There are great Brown Rice Pastas that taste just like wheat ones & even some Pre-made pizas shells that a quick pizza can be made on. What a treat that would be if you made him some.
    You should have a Celiac Society
    in your area they should be able to help you on this Quest. Lots of luck.
    Slainté (to your health) & your brother’s

  4. sailor said:

    Many of the national restaurants in the US have gluten free options. Outback, Carrabbas, PF Chang all have gluten free menus. Magiannos even carries gluten free pasta. But I don’t know if any of those are available in Ottawa. I have celiac disease and eat out a lot and my standby is a grilled chicken caesar salad after checking the dressing if possible. I tend to avoid Mexican and Chinese restaurants and have found that Italian restaurants seem to be the most accomodating toward finding something.

    My advise is to call ahead, talk to them and see what they are willing to do.

    Good luck

  5. Glutenfreegirl said:

    I am not familiar with what is availalbe in Ca, but i hope this helps!
    Outback, PF Changs and other rest’s under their chain have GF menus.
    Chilis and others have them online.

    There is a dining guide availalbe (again, not sure how much Ca is in it) I believe is the site.

    I know there is some type of Celiac society (Coeliac) in Ca.
    Getting GF pizza and pasta will be hard unless its a restaurant specific to GF eating.
    I hope these sites help

  6. biogal said:

    If you have a Wendy’s fast food restaurant in your area he can eat their salads and some other things. Go to and click on nutrition under the menu items section. They will give you a list of gluten free items you can order. I have driven across the US twice and have eaten at Wendy’s many times. Hope that helps!


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