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Are you going to give up Smoking now that cigarettes are so expensive?

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19 Responses to “Are you going to give up Smoking now that cigarettes are so expensive?”

  1. Simone said:

    I wish it were that easy.

  2. I Dance With No Pants. said:

    I Smoke Weed. All Day

  3. MARISSA said:


  4. moo cow said:

    cigarettes have always been expensive

    and i doubt the price of them going up is gonna stop anyone from smoking

  5. SkinnyLlama said:

    I never started.

  6. RIVERKID said:

    I don’t smoke. I don’t think I could afford to start either. ——————–

  7. ash said:

    I wish I could say yes to this question

  8. Nancy Drew said:

    I usually bum one from random people. haven’t paid for my own in about a month

  9. Karl said:

    Only time will tell.

  10. Fear the King said:

    Since when do I need cigarettes to be smokin’?

  11. capt_terry said:

    No after 30 years i will most likely keep right on.

  12. bluesummers76 said:


  13. Joni B. said:

    already did last June, thank God.

  14. OPC said:

    lol i can buy a quarter of weed or a cartoon of cigs and no i highly doubt it wait i take that back i know i wont

  15. shmoee said:

    probably not.
    its such a menacing Habit…
    though, i don’t think i could get laid and not implode on myself without a newport or three.

  16. Craizey♫ said:

    I never smoked and never will *halo* lmao

  17. Bec (15) said:

    i dont smoke……
    and increasing prices can’t stop ADDICTION

  18. Doc Holiday said:

    I will just have to have another vice, and besides thay have already done their danage and it can;t be undone. So makes do diff now! Maybe I;ll take up poker and gun slingin for fun.

  19. gorillaz729 said:

    Give them up anyway, even if the prices dropped. It’s bad for your lungs and it shortens your life.
    My friend just quit smoking, I’m so proud of him ^___^


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