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Atheists, have you ever participated in Lent just to use the opportunity to give something up?

I haven’t, but I know a few who do. They want to give up smoking or something and they use Lent as a chance to try and do it. There’s no religious belief behind it, just the challenge.

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21 Responses to “Atheists, have you ever participated in Lent just to use the opportunity to give something up?”

  1. Christina said:

    I’m a Christian, but my church does not celebrate or participate in Lent. However, I don’t see the harm in what you are suggesting. It doesn’t make you more or less a Christian (or atheist).

  2. donutkid: full of Thor's luv said:

    Uh, no. I wasn’t even raised Catholic so the thought has never occurred to me.

  3. Drew said:

    Maybe some of them will cut their porn collecting in half this year.

  4. poking fun with a str8 face said:

    no never.

  5. BrokenEye, Lord and Savior said:

    Sounds interesting. When is it?

  6. Dreamstuff Entity said:

    Let me try to explain this one more time… oh, never mind, I give up.

  7. The Reverend Soleil said:

    Nope — if I want to give something up, I just stop.

  8. Super Atheist to the Rescue said:


    I also don’t offer up human sacrifices as some religions do as well.

    I fail to see the point in giving something up just for the challenge of it. If I want to quit something, I just do it and don’t need a supernatural reason to do so.

  9. Dwayne said:

    If something is bad for you and you want to quit, just do it. This is so similar to the “new year’s resolution” that people do. It’s just another day of the year and if one is not willing it do it on any other day, then it won’t be permanent; there is nothing magic about these particular days.

    That’s the way I see it. In short, my answer is “no.’ 🙂

  10. Simon T said:

    I’m giving up religion.

  11. Mia said:

    I haven’t in conjunction with Lent or any other religious observance. I have in the past given things up for a period for various reasons of eliminating something I decided was potentially harmful, developing will power, or restablishing equilibrium. I don’t see anything wrong with an atheist though using something that has religious background or association in a secular way.

  12. Shaman Val said:

    Sure I’m going to give up steak on fridays. so no more burning Christians at the steak. Of course after Lent all bets are off. 😉

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  13. richter_8_6 said:

    No. If I want to quit doing something, I quit doing it. Doesn’t take a particular time of year, or an “excuse” – just willpower.

  14. Amanda said:

    No I haven’t. And I have no plans to cut my porn collecting (to the idiot who said that).

  15. Jebediah S said:

    No. I have however celebrated Christmas, which seems to be essentially the same principle (not equating Christmas with Lent, rather that for an atheist to practice one religious holiday is essentially the same as practicing any other religious holiday in the context of this question). I don’t see what your point is though.

  16. jtrusnik said:

    If I want to give something up, I just give it up. I don’t wait for spring to roll around to do it.

  17. god_of_the_accursed said:

    Why use Lent? Why not just do it?

    And no

  18. pearlmar said:

    No because I don’t have the desire to give up anything.

  19. Zero - Atheati Maverick Hunter said:

    Only when I was forced to when growing up in a Catholic house…and now that I’m living with a family member who was an ex-nun…I’d hate to know what’s in store for me now….-sigh-

  20. meisteh said:

    No and I didn’t do it when I was a Christian either. To me it seems pointless, like a diet. If one wants to make a change for the better then they should change their whole life not just plan for 40 days of deprivation.

    I personally would get no satisfaction from a 40 day change, but a life change definitely.

  21. CH said:

    I gave up alcohol for ‘Lent’, because I’m currently bored of drinking, and I wanted to experiment with how much money I would save each week by not drinking at the pub.

    So far…enough to pay for half of the camera lens I bought last week. (£60)

    Doesn’t mean I’m giving up drinking permanently or interested in christanity, just means that I can buy my lens without cutting into my new laptop money. 🙂


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