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Best way to give up smoking?

I am addicted to cigarettes. What’s the best way of giving up? I have tried nicotine gum and patches but they were absolutely useless.

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6 Responses to “Best way to give up smoking?”

  1. Dusti-n-Jessie said:

    I think that if you really WANT to quit, just quit cold turkey, that’s what I did and I never had a problem, but if you don’t really want to and are doing it for some other reason then it will never work no matter what you do. You have to want it.

  2. jacquie said:

    I did this and I quit for good, never touched one again and I luv smoking cigs so it works. Good luck, tell them Jackie sent you.
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  3. David K said:

    See your doctor and tell them everything you tried.

  4. phamarshmallows said:

    well first research on smoking and see how bad it is for you, and once your their ull be disgusted, after that chew gum every time u have a need to smoke or just keep looking up on how bad smoking is for u. i must say that when ur trying to quit ur gonna gain a few pounds.

  5. jen_major_uno said:

    i believe that there’s no easy way to quit.
    it’s either you quit or not, either you are ready to quit or not.
    if you’ll think like “but you can’t just quit overnight or you’ll lessen you sticks per day” then you are not yet ready to quit because that is making excuses for you to smoke.
    you can only quit when you are ready to quit.
    it sounds harsh but that what i was told and it was true for me.
    ok, if it’s not the same for you, then why not have something in your mouth like a lollipop or a cinnamon stick or a liquorice stick everytime you feel like having a stick..?
    hope i’ve helped!

  6. 144289 said:

    Change of lifestyle.
    Hang around places where you usually don’t smoke.
    My opinion, see how many you smoke, and slowly start cutting down, you have to give it time


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