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can a right-handed person learn to play guitar left handed?

Ok heres the deal. I really wanna play guitar, just for personal use. Maybe to learn some of my favorite bands songs. The problem is my left hands fingers are birth deformed and are shorter than my right hands by a half an inch and each finger is about the same size. It feels kind of akward to strum a guitar with my left hand but i have no trouble holding the pick. With determination, is it possible? HONEST ANSWERS PLEASE.

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10 Responses to “can a right-handed person learn to play guitar left handed?”

  1. acciokim said :

    Yes it is very possible. My friend can play both left and right handed. tho he does not have a defect, i don’t see why it should hold you back at all 🙂

    rock out.

  2. Unpretty said :

    It’s possible if you’re determined enough to learn. Hey! One of the most famous guitarists in the world played a left handed guitar even though he was right handed: Jimi Hendrix.

  3. JET said :

    Grab a guitar and play for all our enjoyment, Yes its possible.
    You could buy a 6 string accoustic steel string for $200. and learn to play well enough in 6 weeks. Best holiday cheer for the silly season.

  4. Mark said :

    I don’t see why not, although it will be VERY difficult and may not be as comfortable with the fret board and such as someone who is left handed. If I was you, I’d learn to do stuff such as write left handed to help you gain control and comfort with it.

  5. Double D said :

    I’m right haneded but when i s hoot a weapon i shoot left it’s more comfortable if it’s comfortable go for it what you got to lose

  6. RYRYRYAN said :

    go ahead and be the next jimi hendrix, he’s dead and theres an open seat

  7. draciron said :

    Tony Iommi the guitarist for the group Black Sabbath cut the tips of his fingers off but went on to become an excellent guitarist. Several left handed guitarists instead of restringing right hand instruments just played their guitars upside down. There have been a few Left handed guitarists that play guitar right handed because they could not afford a left handed guitar and or were told to learn how to play it right handed.

    You want to do it not only can you learn to do so, your only limit is your own determination.

  8. Rachel_S165 said :

    Yes of course. Both hands have equally important tasks in playing guitar. I don’t think it matters which hand does what.

  9. aliena said :

    Of course, we are very adaptable!! Take example to all those who were forced to write with with their right hand when they were naturally left handed. Anyone can learn, just need training 🙂

  10. Kab said :

    If you can control each finger individually, Yes you can.
    It may take you a while to get the basics if you have not used the left hand.
    Go for it. I am sure you will have a great time.


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