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can you drink alcohol occasionally or will you get addicted to it sooner or later?

Can you drink alcohol and get drunk 3-4 times a month, like at a party, without having the craving for alcohol everyday?

Can you also do this with LSD,marijuana, shrooms, and coke?

I would assume you can’t do this with Crack and Meth

Note I will never do drugs, and this is a hypothetical question. I’ve also never drank but am planning on doing it soon.

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4 Responses to “can you drink alcohol occasionally or will you get addicted to it sooner or later?”

  1. pink_powerpuff_girl363 said :

    I get drunk about that many times a month, sometimes more, and I usually don’t think about it unless I’m in a stressful situation or I know that I’m gonna get drunk soon.
    I don’t like crave it or anything.
    Then again, I’ve only been drinking since October.
    And I can’t tell you about the drugs lol.

  2. Anthony N said :

    Moderation is the key to anything. However, if it’s an illegal substance, abstinence is the best thing for you altogether. Doing hard drugs is nothing but bad – there is no benefit to you or society. Some hardliners say the same thing about drinking, but until it’s illegal, I’ll continue to enjoy a glass or two of wine and have a beer now and then. The only risk is psychological addiction if you are still drinking in moderation.. I belive that most people that drink are social alcoholics. Not literal alcholics, but social – there is a difference. If you can look back at the last ten parties that you attended and count on one hand the time you DIDN’T drink, then you are probably socially dependent on alcohol. If all of your friends drink every time they are together, then you are probably a socially dependent on alcohol. Once again, I don’t mean physically dependent.

  3. sufferingnomad said :

    depends on your personality, and family history to addictions

  4. Tommy J said :

    Everyone is different, so this is just my own experiences. I only drink maybe once a week and it’s not addictive, LSD is the same, and shrooms. Coke and weed are a different story tho. They are addictive. I think with drinking it’s the good time you have with your friends while drunk that is addictive, not the drink itself. I’ve tried crack but didnt find it to be all that great, in fact it was crap,i would rather smoke weed than crack. Meth, i have never and probably never will try it. I’m all for a good time but becareful of addiction, be responsible and have limits


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