Can you guys recommend a dog obedience trainer in TN?

This trainer has to specialize in aggressive dogs.

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2 Responses to “Can you guys recommend a dog obedience trainer in TN?”

  1. heysanj75 said:

    I would call your local PetSmart and check out their trainers. See how many years expeirience they have. PetSmart uses all positive reward methods which will cause your dog to behave more consistantly. And because he wants to not because hes scared that he’ll get beaten if he doesnt do what you say. The classes are $99 for an 8 week course. And being in a class is much better because your dog learns to work around distractions. Good luck

  2. hanksimon said:

    The Vets, and sometimes the local police, may have the names of experienced trainers that can handle aggressive dogs. Places like the HUmane Society, ASPCA, PetsMArt etc., may have lists of trainers who need specialized care.


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