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Can you help me learn guitar?

I love taylor swift. I have a good voice(or so they say) and I wanna learn one of her songs to play. My mom says having an instument with your voice helps. I have a guitar( my dads) and I know some chords but i can’t change quick enough and keep forgeting the positions. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “Can you help me learn guitar?”

  1. Noodlez said :


  2. Momo1342 said :

    It takes a lot of dedication and practice. If you love singing, I would definitely stick to it. Only tip I have is just practice changing between two chords at a time and work your way up to transitioning between more. This way it will be easier to remember and you will always have to speed to switch between those particular chords. You’ll get it eventually and it will become second nature for you. 🙂 Good Luck

  3. arcoix said :

    Don’t worry if you know only some chords and can’t move fast enough. It is very normal especially if this is your first experience. You will need a lot of determination, hard work and patience. Try with a set of major chords A – D & E. To me these are the easiest major chords to learn.How you assign your fingers will determine how smooth you can move from one to another chord. Always try to anchor one finger while moving to the next chord, i.e. when you move from E to D your index finger shall remain on the 3rd string but instead of pressing the first fret you shift it to the second fret followed with your mid and ring fingers forming the rest of D chord. Going back from D to E is also easy, just shift the index finger to the first fret and move the rest fingers to fret the E chord. Do this repeatedly and your fingers will memorize the position.

    Regarding the positions, you have to memorize them.

    Good luck with your guitar. Nothing is impossible!


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