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Can you taste the difference between Johnnie Walker Blue and Red?

Would an untrained taster with no reference be able to taste the difference between Blue and Red label Johnnie Walker Scotch?

Or even any low end scotch? Like J&B?

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4 Responses to “Can you taste the difference between Johnnie Walker Blue and Red?”

  1. NICK WRIGHT said:

    There is only one way to find out. Your place or mine?

  2. Brian said:

    Yes, even if you’ve never had whisky, you’ll immediately know which one is Red. It’s harsh because it’s not made for drinking up/straight, it’s designed for mixing so JW doesn’t make it very high quality.

    I like J&B better than JW Red (I like most drinks better than JW Red), and between J&B and Blue I think almost anyone would still be able to determine which was the high quality Scotch and which wasn’t. That said, I don’t think Blue is worth the $200 it usually runs. JW Green & Gold are very good and cost 1/3 the price. There are plenty of whiskies between the bottom shelf mixer stuff and the top shelf drinks.

  3. scottsmylie said:

    I can pretty much tell the difference between them all. I actually like black or gold the best. While blue is pretty good, I do not think it is worth the price. I do not really care for red at all.

  4. Voices In My Head said:

    In a New York minute! Even Johnnie Walker Black is a pretty big step up from the Red. Much smoother, both Blue and Black.


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