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Can you tell the difference between fat free foods and regular foods?

Its for my seventh grade science fair. All I need is your opion thanks.

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5 Responses to “Can you tell the difference between fat free foods and regular foods?”

  1. gblogbd1 said :

    Fat free foods taste like shit and regular foods don’t.

  2. tardis_mom said :

    Usually, yes. Fat free dairy (cheese or milk) tastes considerably worse than full-fat or even reduced fat foods. Fat free cookies or baked goods taste drier than regular foods. Some foods that are fat free have a strange consistency when non-fat ingredients such as fruit purees are used to create it.

  3. Andrew O. said :

    On certain things, yes. On yogurts, ice creams, puddings, spreads, no. In milk, cheese, ect., yes. Other than dairy products, no, I really can’t.

  4. Mhd said :

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  5. Brytany said :

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