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coughing up black streaks in mucus whilst giving up smoking normal?

I’ve been cutting down / practically given up smoking for almost a week now and this morning I’ve been bringing up flem with black oil like streaks.
I asked my mom about it she said it’s me bringing up the tar from smoking now I’ve givn up.
is this true? is it normal?

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3 Responses to “coughing up black streaks in mucus whilst giving up smoking normal?”

  1. barrett_cook2000 said:

    it is normal. it is just your body trying to cleanse itself. just take a moment and think of all that black stuff you are hacking up… think of how all that stuff is coming out of your lungs. it is a pretty sick picture…. and it gets worse….. that tar and toxins gets in your blood and from there it destroys your entire body and can take a very long time to get it all out once you quit smoking. wanna get grossed out? keep track of how much you hack up…. and you can see how much you actually had in your body.

    BTW congrats on giving it up… keep up the good work!

  2. Lucia K said:

    I gave up smoking about 20 years ago i had flem i had discharge from my nose i believe my sistem was cleaning itself i would gargle with water and salt that helped me i also drank lots of water it takes some time but your lungs will be clean again

  3. inkvizer000o said:


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