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Did you give up smoking today?

If yes, good for you.
If no, join the sad club.
Will you continue tomorrow?
This is a survery/poll.
Good for you ALL who gave it up or never started. If I had not forgotten today I would have quit…again.
Keep up the great work!
“The Mutual Admiration Society Gal”

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38 Responses to “Did you give up smoking today?”

  1. misery said:

    I never started.

  2. 'sup? said:

    well, i’ve never smoked before.

  3. cigarettes said:


  4. A said:

    Nope, sorry, didn’t quit today. Probably won’t tomorrow either.

  5. monkeygirl said:

    I actually do not smoke and I am a very healthy person like that. Did you ever smoke in the past?

  6. motorcitysmadman said:

    Yes I stoppped and no I wont start again.

  7. Judasrabbi said:

    Don’t smoke except for an occasional cigar

  8. smtwtfs_04 said:

    o hell i forgot. but a pack lasts me about a week these days.

  9. jennav said:

    No…hadn’t quit, but definately need to.

  10. lalyn said:

    I gave up smoking 10 years ago

  11. opujic said:


  12. bignizz66 said:

    Never started.

  13. YaPoo said:

    I don’t smoke cigarettes! Just . . . . . . you know!

  14. im oKKK said:


  15. dyingatwork said:

    While I was sitting here at my desk, yes.
    Once I leave out of here in 20 mintues, I’ll be rejoining the sad club.
    Yes, I think I will continue tomorrow.♥

  16. animals are equals said:

    What the helll is with all of these smoking questions. Smoking kills you and that is that! If you smoke you will suffer so i hope you like suffering!

  17. I know you see it... said:

    Can’t say I have ..but I gave it up last year around this time though…..

  18. my_opinion_two said:

    Nope a long time ago
    no thank you
    Is it over already wow that was fast!

  19. susie said:

    no, haven’t smoked in 25 years

  20. MJane21 said:

    no didn’t give up smoking becaue I don’t smoke ever I like to keep health lungs. Good for you if you gave up today keep going.

  21. JoReiFer said:

    I started smoking year 1998 and have stopped smoking since November of 2000… when I learned that I was pregnant and I never smoke again. 😉

  22. Gypsy said:

    No, I didn’t. I had no desire to & I probably won’t quit tomorrow either. I’m not sad about it at all.

  23. chazohio said:

    no, but still trying

  24. wiggysan_dot_com said:

    My mate did, after reading just one book. Quit by Dr Alan Carr.

    Weird thing was, it told to him to light up on certain pages of the book as you read it.

    Mind tricks I guess, but it worked. 30 aday to nothing with no ill affects at all.

  25. eddygordo19 said:

    As a matter of fact, I did quit today. My State just passed a law prohibiting smoking in all covered and partially covered public places, including all work places, restaurants and bars.

  26. Daniel H said:

    I quit everytime I put an cigarette out and start again every time I light one up.

  27. loveofmylife said:

    give up already….

  28. PushDownAndTurn said:

    i dont smoke cigarettes, and no, i didn’t quit smoking

  29. 12_Grey_14 said:

    I never smoked.

  30. rere said:

    No I’ve never smoked……that’s why I still look young and I don’t have wrinkly skin and yellow fingers. I don’t stink like stale smoke and I don’t have to leave a room just cuz I can’t stand to not have a ciggy in my mouth.

  31. Countessa said:

    Looks like i’m the only smoker here lol smoking as i write this

  32. Chicken Boy™ said:

    I’ve never smoked a day in my life. So, no.

  33. wooleybooley said:

    I quit on Sept. 25, 2006. Cold turkey.

  34. tracerfag said:


  35. mickeymouse'sdog said:

    Quit in 1984. I smoked for 20 years before I quit.

  36. Renée said:

    No I didn’t.

  37. crystal said:

    No,I smoke like a chimney.

  38. Pixy Styx said:



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