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Did you have to give up drinking for a while when YOU quit smoking?

I don’t know if I can go cigaretteless through the weekend if I have even a sip of an alcohol beverage.
After smoking for thirteen years, I’ve gone cold turkey for about a week. Kinda freakin’ out.

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10 Responses to “Did you have to give up drinking for a while when YOU quit smoking?”

  1. ~~Eat Fish~~ said :

    I couldn’t do it. The two go hand in hand. Good luck.

  2. photoloftspace said :

    I did it. It was hard as hell! I drank alot more. You can do it. Bon chance.

  3. Annie C said :

    I started drinking less. A drink and a good smoke goes hand in hand. I definitely would enjoy a cigarette more when I am drinking than when I’m not. Good luck !!

  4. Beau R said :

    No I could drink, and not smoke. I smoked for twelve years, and then quit cold turkey. I just compartmentalized my desire for a cigarette, and could drink without smoking. I knew a woman, who was great until four o’clock. At that point it was “Martini time” she couldn’t drink without smoking. I know that it is hard, but hang in and you will do it.

  5. Deasel98 said :

    i increased my drinking when I quit smoking.

  6. Proud mommy said :

    It depends on who your drinking with, If I’m drinking with my husband I cant smoke he wont let me ( I quit smoking for him ). If I’m out with the girls and he’s not around I’ll have a smoke or 2 or even drag off my best friends smoke, but since I quite smoking 4 years ago it tastes funny now but never the less smoking and drinking go hand in hand. Good luck, stay strong it’s for your health.

  7. said :

    No, I kept drinking long after I quit smoking.

    The first few weeks I felt like smoking every time I opened a beer, but eventually I got over it. I think that the trick is to not get hammered until you are over the smokes. As long as you have your wits about you, you will have the willpower to not smoke.


    I quit smoking and found that I got drunk a lot faster, without noticing it. I reasoned because instead of drink, smoke, drink, smoke: it went drink, drink, drink, drink.
    Tearing up coasters is a good use of your hands.
    Always go to smokefree establishments.
    Don’t let anyone smoke in your house, ever.
    Stay away from homes where smokers live. If you want to visit them, do it on the phone for the first few weeks.
    I quit 10 years ago, yaaa me. YOU WILL DO IT!!!!!

  9. KinWin said :

    you can just go to rehab for both

  10. kiera g said :



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