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Do you have any good recipes to share with me? Good, fast or easy recipes?

I love to cook! But I can’t find sites that have some easy good recipes that I could share with my family and friends. I’ll take anything without alcohol. Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to “Do you have any good recipes to share with me? Good, fast or easy recipes?”

  1. iluvsugar613 said :

    pudding cookies. google them.

  2. Young Yummy Mummy said :

    i like recipes on
    they actually work well and are easy to follow seeing as my boyfriend 2 weeks ago couldnt cook a thing and since seeing their recipes, has done me lamb shanks, tomato soup, chicken salads and fajitas . all yummy (especially the soup and lamb)

  3. ♥mom♥ said :

    Taco Casserole….. layer the ingredients you use for tacos instead of making individual tacos…start with some kind of sauce on the bottom, the shells, or you can use nacho chips, the meat, cheese onion….more sauce, chips or shells…. keep layering till you run out of stuff, end with a bit of sauce and cheese on the top……..serve with salad on the side…

    another easy one is to mix a large package of jello, (any flavor, green tastes the best but looks the worst)…..into a container of cottage cheese, add whipped cream or cool whip to taste… about half a container is usually good….


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