Do you have any new, exotic, tasty, or nutritious chicken egg recipes that you can share?

I inherited 7 chicken hens that lay about 3 to 6 eggs a day. I am just about burned out on fried eggs, scrambled eggs, corn muffins, omelettes, and quiche.

Looking for some new recipes that feature chicken eggs as the main ingredient.


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4 Responses to “Do you have any new, exotic, tasty, or nutritious chicken egg recipes that you can share?”

  1. willa said:

    there are about a million breakfast casserole recipes that use a lot of eggs. you could do custards (creme brulee, flan, etc.). egg salad. sauces……………… also did you know that when the chicken lays the egg, if you don’t refrigerate it immediately they will keep for a few days at room temperature? once you get them in the fridge, they have to stay in the fridge until they’re used. another tip; if you keep eggs shells in a jar of water, they are ‘miracle’ plant fertilizers. just crush them up and put them in the siol. the only downside is they stink when you’re storing them, so put a lid on it.

    a bazillion recipes here:
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  2. Brigand Viking said:

    this is 1 eggy website

  3. Kelly R said:

    Here is one for the kids.

    1 packet 2 minute noodles – flavour of your choice.
    3 eggs
    whatever else you fancy- think of omelette ingredients!!!

    Cook the noodles according to packet instructions but leave out the flavour sachet. Beat up the eggs and add a little milk or cream. Add the flavour sachet to the eggs. Heat a fry pan and add a little butter and oil.

    Put the noodles into the bottom of the pan and top with the eggs. If you want you can pre-cook some of the other ingredients such as the ham/bacon, mushrooms.
    Add your favourite ingredients and sprinkle with cheese. Wait until the egg is almost set and then remove from the pan onto a serving dish. The residual heat that is still in the egg will finish cooking it.

    You could also make a zucchini slice. Grate up lots of zucchini, chop up some onion and bacon. Beat up about 6-8 eggs and add a little cream salt and pepper. Mix together with the zucchini onion and bacon. Pour into an oven dish and sprinkle some grated/shredded cheese over the top and bake in a hot oven until just set and the top is golden.

    Hope this helps!!!
    Enjoy your chooks and their eggs.
    Have a great day/night.
    xx K

  4. muckrake said:

    How about Chinese egg drop soup? Check or for a recipe.


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