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Does anyone know a good dog obedience school in St. Louis?

I love my puppy, but it is just getting to be to much. She chews things up and chews on people. She isn’t biting or anything but just wants to have her jaws on some point of your body. As much as I punish her she just doesn’t care. So can somebody please help me? I really do not want to get rid of her.

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4 Responses to “Does anyone know a good dog obedience school in St. Louis?”

  1. Tom S said :

    best friends… 3rd street St. Louis. They are very good at training.

  2. Bob said :

    Why don’t you train it?

    I would respectfully suggest you read a couple of books and watch some videos on raising and training dogs. Also, I recommend two TV shows, “The Dog Whisperer” with Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel, and “It’s Me or the Dog,” with Victoria Stillwell, on Animal Planet. Both programs are very instructive and often deal with the issues you raise here. Good luck!

  3. said :

    Watch the dog whisperer on National Geographic channel. You need to study her behavior closely. Then, when she is about to do it you need to interrupt her thoughts so she knows not to do it. Punishment does not work because they get confused. Interfering with her behavior is a better idea and usually works.

  4. BuRnIn' Up 4 NiCk JoNaS said :

    i brought my dog to kennel wood and then to the petsmart in clayton next to trader joes


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