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Dog Training: How to potty train my pet Japanese spitz?

I’ve already managed to teach my dog to pee on newspapers, however, when she poops, she poos just right beside the newspaper! She does it on purpose. How can I teach her to poo ON the newspaper?

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2 Responses to “Dog Training: How to potty train my pet Japanese spitz?”

  1. Dalmatian_Rescue said:

    I wouldnt be paper training her, I dont like the idea of “paper training or puppy pad training” to me that enforces going the the bathroom in the house. I would start with kennel training. Use a kennel that is just big enough for her to get up, stratch, turn around and lay down connfortably. Dogs usually do not use the bathroom where they eat and sleep. When you notice that she is sniffing, turning in circles, going to the newspaper, just ate, just woke up, take her outside to use the bathroom, when she goes praise her. if she goes in the house do not dicipline her, if its not on the paper, put it on the paper (if that is really where you want her to go) and leave it there, Make the paper area bigger. When she pees make sure you clean it up, maybe she does not like going on wet paper. But I would do the kennel outside routine and when she is out playing make sure she is 100% supervised. The less she goes in the house the more successful you will be. Do not leave her un attended outside a kennel. Kennel training is your best friend!!

  2. Irene said:

    I would recommend obedience school or reading up on some literature. You can check out my site for some great books that I recommend to all of my clients. Hope that helps 🙂


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