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Give up smoking I need help?

How can I give up smoking?

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3 Responses to “Give up smoking I need help?”

  1. winterrules said:

    Hypnotism worked for me. Its been over 5 years.

  2. curiouspegger said:

    I smoke a ciggy at least once a day at school but i do it for the head rush if ure trying to quit take up smoking kronic or what my dad did was chew gum, the best way is to go to your pharmacy and ask for products to help my uncle took this thing, and every time he smoked he this pill and it incouraged you to smoke and after awhile everytime he smoked he got sick, and felt like crap and it killed his nicotine addiction

  3. dazs4445 said:

    This really worked for me. Buy your last Carton of cigarittes . Now as you lite each cig smoke half of it and save the other half in and empty pack.Keep doing this with the whole carton of cigs.You should have about 5 packs of half smoked cigs. Now its time to start smoking the 5 half smoked cigs. Believe me if you do this you will be ready to give cigs up for good. Its not easy to smoke half smoked stale cigs. You may be so sick of them .Just finish the 5 packs of stale cigs.
    It was a hard way to quit but i could hardly look at a cig after that. Good luck. let me know if you can handel this .


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