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guys, why would you give up drugs/partying/smoking cigarettes/drinking for a girl who’s your best friend?

So my friend that I met in August over the internet was really into drugs and whatnot. He’s fourteen and had been drinking/smoking since he was 11 or 12. I told him from the start that I didn’t do it and wouldn’t do it.

Then as I got to know him better and met him in person a few times he told me he gave up weed because of me. And on New Years he got drunk and told me he liked me and that i’m ‘cute’ and I told him that that kind of upset me because I like him and I wish he liked me too, not because he was drunk though. So then he told me he’d quit drinking and smoking cigarettes because he thinks it bothers me too.

Does he like me as more than a friend?
Or did he just need to give himself a reason to quit?
Or does he just want to make sure I’ll keep being his friend?

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5 Responses to “guys, why would you give up drugs/partying/smoking cigarettes/drinking for a girl who’s your best friend?”

  1. hdawg said :

    Idk, I dont think i could just give that stuff up for a friend
    However, my past crush, yeah i would have. I would have because i knew it bothered him.

  2. David said :

    i would give up that shit for a girl i truly love

  3. ♫Sofia♫ said :

    Whatever you do, keep being his friend, you could be saving a life just by hanging out with him. I do think he likes you as more than a friend, he does need a reason to quit and I’m sure you’re it, he doesn’t just want to make sure you will continue to be his friend but he wishes that you wont stop being his friend.

  4. Drama Queen said :

    This is a very sweet, if not very troubled, young man.

    He obviously thinks of you as a very close friend, and probably has feelings for you if he wants to improve his life to please you.

    At this time don’t think about boyfriends and what not – find out if he’s serious. You have to offer him complete encouragement and help him. He really should stop, he’s killing himself very quickly here. Be there as a friend and help support him.

    In the future, if and once he recovers, you can start to think further.

  5. mb(: said :

    Its pretty obvious he likes you.


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