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Has anybody ever used blackwalnut wood to smoke meats with?

I have used several types of wood to smoke with ( my fav. is orange). I have found myself with a windfall of blackwalnut, and just wondering if anybody has had any dealings with it.?

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4 Responses to “Has anybody ever used blackwalnut wood to smoke meats with?”

  1. Nunyu B said:


    And by that I mean, no.

  2. White P said:

    no i havent

  3. lilnigga168 said:

    just get a small piece of meat and try it

  4. ED Ski said:

    I have gotten away from using actual wood for my smoking, and use bbq delights wood pellets for my smoking….it gives a more even smoke than wood, just my opinion….

    anyway, i have used their black walnut i found it to be a little bitter sweet, I enjoyed it.

    I would say if you like bittersweet flavors, you will like it


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