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How can I become a bartender at scores of las vegas ?

I want to become a bartender at scores of las vegas. I am a good looking male and I love that place. I will do anything to work there. Its my dream and if i dont work there, I will be extremely dissapointment. It not because of the girls, but because of the infatuation and delusion I have of working there. Evertime I drive from LA to Vegas, I always go to scores. I want to get behind one of there bars and serve hundreds of drinks a night and have the prestigious of making dennis rodman his favorite drink. What will it take to get a job at scores of Las Vegas. Someone tell me what the odds are at this point ?

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One Response to “How can I become a bartender at scores of las vegas ?”

  1. mooshie said:

    Dude, I played craps w. Dennis Rodman in Vegas once, and it was…not so much an experience. Also, I have never heard of this place (and I go to Vegas about every other month, but I’m old, so whatever). If this is some cool happening place, I would suggest you get your bartending license and work at wherever you can, while pitching/schmoozing whoever hires bartenders at Scores. Eventually it will happen (although the place could easily become old news by then–the average lifespan of the “hot place’ in Vegas is about 2 months).


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