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How can I bring homemade spring rolls to work party and keep them crispy?

actually Shanghai rolls, the small philippino ones. no deep fat fryer at work to serve them fresh, have to do it at home I guess. Work has a small toaster oven – you think that will crisp them up again?

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5 Responses to “How can I bring homemade spring rolls to work party and keep them crispy?”

  1. DEBORAH W said :

    put a piece of bread in the container……with the lid shut tight….they will stay fresh an crisp

  2. Ultraviolet Oasis said :

    Bring them over to my place. You’re making me hungry.

  3. gette_zoe said :

    i think it would work 🙂 even if they get a lil cold i’m sure everyone will love them…i always love it when people bring them to any of my pot lucks 🙂

  4. notoriussha said :

    as long as you dont refridgerate them (make them at night, but dont fry them till morning?) then when you bring them to work, heat them up in the toaster oven right before eating, should work out great! sounds yummy.

  5. Wachhaup said :

    you can actually pre-fried them first…
    wheather if you wan to keep them frozen is up to you…
    store them into a container…
    and brg it to your office..
    you mention that there is an oven toaster at your workplace…
    you can use it to heat it and crips to springs roll again…
    hope my answer would be helpful=))


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