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How can I convince my camel to give up smoking?

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8 Responses to “How can I convince my camel to give up smoking?”

  1. Nadine (L) said:

    I dont know since im not a camel.

  2. melissax1972 said:

    Just tell Jay Z to quit smoking:)

  3. Joseph said:

    Only if you get Lucky.

  4. jack d said:

    Punch him in the nose everytime he lights up..

  5. said:

    Get the patch

  6. AlexKayy! =D said:

    Light one up and stick it up it’s butt. 😮

  7. Wendy said:

    Show him a picture of what the lungs of a smoking camel looks like…if it is an intelligent camel, that will scare the cigarette out of its lips.

  8. Chakra said:

    A leopard won’t change its spots, so why should a camel quit smoking 😉


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