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How can I get my dad to give up smoking?

He is now 48 and has been smoking since he was really young, around 10. My mum, brother and I all want him to stop and have lectured him endlessly (without really annoying him).

Has anyone either quit, influenced someone who quit or got any ideas on how to go about making him stop? Please help!

My grandfather died before I got to meet him from a smoking influenced heart attack and I really don’t want my dad to live any shorter thanks to smoking. It is unhealthy for both him and the people around us and I really need your advice. Thanks in advance! =)

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8 Responses to “How can I get my dad to give up smoking?”

  1. kerzain said:

    You only have one life, you need to live it to the fullest. This means enjoying every moment of it you can , to the best of your ability. Who are you to make him suffer through the few remaining years by guilting him into abstaining from something he genuinely enjoys?

    It sounds like you are trying to get him to stop for selfish reasons. Why not try enjoying your time left with him the best you can, instead of creating drama in your relationship?

  2. Erica W said:

    Threaten to kill yourself. Its the only way.

  3. kay_flood said:

    I understand your desire to have your dad around as long as possible, that said, you need to understand that he is responsible for his life and his actions. Any changes in his life and behaviors has to be his idea. YOU can’t get him to change anything if he doesn’t actually want to change. And if he wants to, then nothing will stop him, if he doesn’t want to, then nothing you can do or say will make him want to.
    You’ve made your opinions known on the subject, as you said “endlessly”, now all you can do is protect yourself from his behaviors. My mother demanded that if my dad wanted to smoke, he had to do it outside, no matter the weather. So he did. She had a valid point that his smoking was damaging her health, and he had to admit that was so. Therefore, he smoked outside. When someone lights up around me, I simply leave. Go to another part of the house, or if it is outside, I move a good thirty feet away. It protects my lungs as much as possible, and it makes the point without badgering the smoker.

  4. shailesh said:

    Hi there.
    I understand your concern 🙂
    Tell him how much you and your family love him and how much all of you wish to see him great in health.
    Ask him, how would he feel to be known as Grandpa when he would see your kids when you will be married and your kids will call him Grandpa?
    Tell him your, your brother’s ambitions and how much you want him to see you achieving them. Ask him how would he feel when you will achieve that goal.
    You can’t make him quit it in one day. Go gradually.

    Good Luck =)

  5. Chocolate S said:

    What I did with my dad,is we tried to take it slow.Try,for one week or more, letting him smoke 1 every hour.Then,as time passes he’ll go onto 1 every 2 hours. Soon when enough hours go by,he’ll realize he can quit.

  6. versantly said:

    suggest he see his doctor about Chantix and a referral to a pulmonologist. the 2nd hand smoke he subjects you to is far worse for the lungs, though.

  7. ♥RAE♥N.Y.♥ said:
  8. ****Animal luva 4eva!!!**** said:

    Get a speech together, with some freaky pictures of the effects of smoking and telo him WHY you want him to give up. Maybe tell him it would be a fantastic xmas pressie? Also suggest chewing gum instead of smoking.Hope this helps!:-)


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