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How can I get my husband to give up smoking cigarettes?

He has terrible asthma and sleep apnea because of it, and we (just this past week) lost a good friend of ours to COPD from smoking; she was only 36 (his age). I’m worried about him, but he says he’s been smoking for so long, he doesn’t want to quit. I know you can’t make a person do something they don’t want to do, but does anyone have any ideas on how I can at least try to persuade him? I’m so worried about him and his health. I want him around for a long time! Thanks for any help!
Wow, everyone’s given me great ideas. thanks to everyone. hopefully at least one of your ideas will get through to him. Thanks again to all for your serious answers; I appreciate it!

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10 Responses to “How can I get my husband to give up smoking cigarettes?”

  1. Daddys Gurl said:

    Sit him down make a video of pictures. Show him the amount of money youll save a week. If you have kids then say to him. What happeneds if you die whos gnna farther owe kids,;_ylt=Agr0k2tudSCgWGE6IbG.TUXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090320114611AAQcHhe

  2. Meow said:

    Only the person smoking can make themselves quit. I have smoked for a very long time. Although I know I am killing myself, I enjoy the nasty habit.

  3. shocker73 said:

    Cut him off in the bedroom tell him that he gets none until he quits.

  4. suzwiz3 said:

    I understand, but you can’t make him. He has to want to do it himself. It’s tough I know cause i’m in the same boat. But good luck to you, if you find a way let me know.

  5. The Not-So-Angry Cook said:

    Kill him! That was a joke.

    Try Hypnosis. It worked for many!

  6. Quinn M said:

    Someone really cose to me died of lung cancer caused by smoking….You need to bring facts to him and show him what a tumor looks like….Ask him “do you like living?” or “Do you want this THING growing in you?” You could also get him a theripist or phyciatrist…Hope you can pursuade him

  7. wonderwoman said:

    Don’t allow smoking indoors even in bad weather he will get sick of that quick and it will make him think. Don’t stop telling how much you love him and don’t want to be without him. Have you checked out cigarest I saw it on tv it’s for hardcore smokers it’s suppose to take that edge off.


  8. Tom A said:

    Hmmm well this is a tough position to be in! trust me… i’ve been in similar positions myself…
    You will find that the more you nag about it, the more aggravated he will get, and more tension would build between you.

    You just need to assure him that you really care about him, and dint go talking behind his back about it, VERY DANGEROUS GROUND THERE, he is your husband, and if you talk behind his back, he will sense that you have, thus returning more tension.

    Things to do:
    1. Be Affectionate, and loving towards him.
    2. Be supportive of his decisions, and show him that you are.
    3. Ask him to see a marriage counselor with you, and reassure him that you need him to do this with you, and that you just want to live your marriage to complete fulfilment… You need to be firm on this one!
    YOU WILL BOTH NEED COUNSELING, separate and together.

    The only person who will convince him, is himself, and a psychologist/counselor, can help to change his state of mind (probably depression) to a more positive state, thus giving him more motivation to quit and live a more fulfilling life.

    I hope my advice has helped you.

  9. Eva A said:

    You’re right. He has to be the one to decide to quit. I also know from experience that it is extremely difficult to quit when you haven’t really set your mind to it.

    There is a product that you can buy online called the ECigarette. I tried this out at a friend’s house and it really does work. It has very little smell, none of the chemicals, tar or nicotine that are in cigarettes, and it actually does feel very similar to smoking when you inhale it. The ecigarette is a little expensive, but the refills are not. My friend said that one of them is like two packs of cigarettes.
    Since it doesn’t have nicotine, it isn’t going to perform a miracle. But it does help by giving your mouth and hands something to do, and gives you the illusion of smoking. Maybe you can avoid letting him find out that it doesn’t have nicotine? You could try just telling him about it not containing tar or chemicals, but still feeing like smoking? If he doesn’t know that there’s no nicotine in it, his brain might be tricked into thinking he had nicotine. It only takes two weeks for nicotine to be out of your system, the psychological addiction is the hard part. As long as he is trying it, at least he isn’t smoking carcinogens. Plus, it’s much safer than secondhand smoke and doesn’t stink.

    P.S. Bringing up his need to quit too often will likely cause him stress and make him want to smoke more often. Also, he will probably be trying not to think about smoking while he’s trying to quit, so try not to bring it up. It will remind him and cause cravings. Try to find another way to let him know how proud you are of him quitting, or only tell him occasionally when he is relaxed.

    Good luck!

  10. tntsquared said:

    try this new “electronic cigarette” — you can get an “NJoy” at Costco or try visiting this website: to see what it is about — I hear that it works from folks who smoked 2 packs a day for 35+ years… can’t hurt to try it! Best!


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