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How can I get rid of garlic smells ?

While most of us enjoy the taste of garlic in our food, some are actually not a fan of the smell that sticks persistently on fingers. Keeping the garlic smell on our hands is a desirable goal for most of us. Though there are a lot of suggestions and tips on how remove the garlic smell that sticks, what is actually the one that works?

There are suggestion to remove the smell like soaking your hands in vinegar or lemon juice for five minutes and washing it with warm soap and war water. In all case, you have to use a good nailbrush or fork to take the garlic off under your fingernails or the smell won’t leave your fingers regardless of how you wash it.

Another process to take the smell of garlic in your hand is rubbing salt in it and again, thoroughly washing it with water and soap. The method may work but salt and lemon juice is not actually a good idea if you have small cuts in your hands. This is because you are literally rubbing salt in your wounds as the saying say. Some people use the preventive method and wear gloves before handling garlic. This is good especially if you are using latex or rubber gloves. Remember not to use gloves with powder or you will get small amount of latex in your food, which you can taste. Avoid using this method if you have someone in your family or the food you are preparing is for someone with latex allergy.

The most famous way of taking garlic smell off a hand is to rub it against stainless steel. There are metal bars available for this kind of purpose or you can just use your sink to have something stainless to rub your hands with. Molecules from the garlic bond with the molecules of the stainless steel immediately removing the smell.

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