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how can i get rid of smoking? i’m a chain smoker of age 19 years.plz give ur suggestions plzzzz?

i have started smoking in university and now i have become a chain smoker i can’t live without smoking at just age of 19 years my parents are very worried about me… i want to give up smoking plz plz plz plz tell me how can i give up smoking.

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8 Responses to “how can i get rid of smoking? i’m a chain smoker of age 19 years.plz give ur suggestions plzzzz?”

  1. ♥Jen♥ said :

    Go to the dr. and get him/her to prescribe Chantix.

  2. Laura M said :

    cut down and then just go cold turkey.

  3. DISCO Strangler said :

    Chantix worked for me….take it for three months and you will be cured.

  4. David C said :

    I am 35 and have smoked for over 18 years. I quit 2 months ago with chantix. Chantix made it easy for me to quit.
    go to

  5. thom t said :

    Just think about all the chemicals the tobacco companies add to cigarettes to make you more addictive, and how much money they are making while killing you. Then you will get angry enough to quit.

  6. richmc42 said :

    The stakes are this high mate: if you keep it up you will die, else you will lead a sick life. I started in life the same as you, am now twice your age and last week got diagnosed with cancer. Although I gave up smoking 5 years ago the beast as been simmering inside me for unknown years before that. Its up to you to find a way off the smokes or start getting used to the idea of of a slow painful and ugly death. There are many support groups on the net so start searching.
    I wish you the best, hope you do better than i’ve done

  7. Jesus said :

    go to your dr. and see if you can take chantix. i work in a pharmacy and a lot of people who get it quit. its about 100 dollars though, depending where you live and what pharmacy you go to.

  8. Dan said :

    I used to smoke as well, but do this…first off, think about what it does to your body…you know it can give you things like cancer and all other diseases. It makes your teeth yellow, the smell stays on your cloths. If that doesnt do it, check out this website…it figures out your chance of stroke as well as a heart attack. it also has a calculator where you can quickly figure out how much money you spend of smokes…that alone is sick and will make you want to stop smoking. Seriously, check out this web-site…see your do, ask about the drug the others are talking about. Also, let your parents help you – dont be afraid to seek counseling by a psychologist or psychiatrist and join a support group…they can help keep you on the straight and narrow adn you can express yourself and how you feel and share your experiences and listen to others experiences as well. Also dont be afraid to lean on your friends and family to help you. PLEASE quit…you are too young to have to be worrying about dying already. God bless.


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