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how can i give up smoking for goog?

i can manage to give up for a couple of weeks than i usually end up buying some any suggestions

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9 Responses to “how can i give up smoking for goog?”

  1. laitcaramel_rum said:

    the patch

  2. Polo2006 said:

    try a smoking censation program or create a non smoking group at work. Sometimes its easier to quit with a friend.

  3. mintgirl79 said:

    Its really good that you want to quit, I know how hard it is. Try to distract yourself when you really have the urge for a smoke, like after a meal go for a walk. The first 3 weeks are killer but if you can make it over the hump its sooo much easier. And you really need to be ready and want to quit when you try. Good Luck!!

  4. rachellelaree said:

    Honestly, If you got to a class they can give you a script for Welbutrin and that is supposed to help but….I just say dont do it anymore. I know that sounds lame but it works just dont go where you usually want to smoke and dont buy cigs. Just dont let yourself smoke.

    Worked for me. Good Luck!!

  5. Pritty Ricky said:

    Do something else to occupy your time. Chew gum when u want a cig. I prayed about my smoking habit and I did other thangs to occupy my time I quit like a year ago cold turkey. you can do it.

  6. Soapboxgod said:

    If you’re buying more after a couple of weeks, you clearly do not want to quit. Anyone that claims it’s anything more than mind over matter is making excuses. If you truly want to quit, you will quit. If you can do it for 2 weeks you can do it indefinately. When you hit that 2 week crunch, try taking a walk or reading a book, or better yet, have a glass of water.

  7. geekdemon said:

    try quit for a day
    if u can do a day, try for a week
    if u can, try a month
    if u can hold for a monthk try for year
    if u can quit for a year, then u can do lifetime.
    just think like that.

  8. Heidi said:

    PRAY !

  9. K said:

    Don’t stop buying, stop smoking! That’s what i did. I have a pack and a lighter on me at all times. Look at it this way– chances are you want it more because you can’t have it. If it’s right there, you can always tell yourself, “well, if i REALLY want one, i’d have one, but i’ll skip it this time”. I really didn’t find it hard to quit at all by doing that.


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