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How can I learn guitar pretty fast ?

I’ve tried teaching myself, and i wasnt that great, but i was looking at a book from the 80’s. Im going to be taking guitar classes soon, but not untill next year. Can you help me ?
i already play piano and and alto saxaphone, so i know how to read music
i didnt mean fast, as in like, a week, i ment fast as in, like, a year.
which is really fast for learning and insturment.

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7 Responses to “How can I learn guitar pretty fast ?”

  1. Guitardude821 said :

    the first thing you should learn to read is tabs and music.
    tabs are easier to learn, but actual music will help you out more in the long run.

    then, practice scales. a lot. it will help when you get into soloing.
    and don’t forget to have fun! learn to play songs that YOU like. it will make the learning a lot better

  2. said :

    There’s really not a way to be able to play well fast. It takes years of practice to learn to play a guitar, and if you want to learn fast and don’t have much patience, then maybe you’d better choose a different instrument.

  3. JONNY said :

    Practice as much as you can. It’s almost impossible to just pick up a guitar for the first time and be good at it right away.

  4. Anna B said :

    Tabs and practices!!!!

  5. remlap47 said :

    One of the most annoying things most beginning guitarists encounter is developing calluses on their finger tips from having to press down on those freakin’ unGodly strings. Especially if your learning on certain model acoustic guitars. So here’s a tip for you. Buy yourself a capo that works well with your guitar. Place it on the 2nd, maybe 3rd fret. Now of course that will raise your standard EADGBE tuning up a couple of steps so you’ll need to tune your strings back down to your normal e,a,d,g,b,e . The point of all this is it should make your strings much easier to finger, and the action will be a bit closer to the fretboard. Now I don’t know if this is gonna help you learn to play any faster, but if you’re not having to torture your fingers teaching yourself. that’s half the battle right there….. hopefully.

  6. Dahumpalay™ said :

    You can buy instructional Cd`s or books, and keep on practicing.
    Web videos could help too.

  7. Jason said :

    This methods has excellent reviews, to learn how to play guitar and play virtually any guitar song you hear.


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