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How can i make myself drink more water?

Im 14 and i have always had a drinking issue (not alcohol, lol). I used to be taken to hospital because of it. I still only manage to drink about 1-2 glasses a day, i just cant drink any more i feel like im about to through up if i do. Anyways how i can make my self drink more?
Thanks for all of your advice!

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19 Responses to “How can i make myself drink more water?”

  1. miss bliss said :

    Remind yourself that your body is made up of mostly water. Do you want old, nasty water to sit in there? Or do you want to keep your water fresh and your body clean? Think of it as important as taking a shower. Because it is!

  2. princess3 said :

    Drink one glass with each meal and then at least two during the day. Add the crystal light packets if that helps.

  3. Dreamer said :

    Fill up a 2litre bottle of water and have it with you all day if possible, just take sips from it throughout the day. That’s what I do! 🙂 Also, if you exercise more it’ll make you thirsty, and try to only drink water then

  4. torix3 said :

    just drink more water! make it more accessible for yourself and just drink at least 8 glasses a day

  5. beloved said :

    I have always had a hard time drinking enough water. I get nauseous if I drink it in the morning for some reason. There are a couple things I do to make myself drink more. One thing I do is add a little lemon juice to it, which is actually good for you. It helps to flush out your kidneys. Another thing I do is add Special K drink mixes to it. They have hardly any calories and no sugar. My personal favorite is the pink lemonade, but they have quite a few other flavors.

  6. athene115 said :

    You don’t want to go right from drinking 1-2 glasses to 8, but you can bring up your intake gradually. I started filling up a water bottle and carrying it around with me. I promised myself that I would finish it before I leave work (or school – in your case!). Eventually, I moved up to larger sized bottles.

    You might also want to try the Chrystal Light packets to give your water some flavor. Lemonade or Iced tea flavors might go down a little easier than plain water.

  7. Jessica J said :

    Try not to drink so fast.

    Also, now a days there are all kinds of flavored waters (although personally I’m not a fan) if just plain water is too boring for you.

    Try gently increasing the amount of water you drink. Example, one week just drink 2 bottles a day. then the next week, drink 3. Also, try to at least drink other fluids if you just can’t stand water. Try milk or Gatorade or tea, or anything!

  8. None Ya said :

    Eat watery foods! anything that cause juice to run down your cheek is good.

    eat soup

    also just… space it out…drink about a 3rd of a glass every hour our so

  9. Reknaw133 said :

    Dreamer hit it. Go fill up a 2 litre bottle and keep it in your room, it can be from an empty cola bottle or something and have a few and drink one per day, I use to do this and because how convenient it was I drank alot of water, I have to ‘go downstairs’ now because I got shot of them (had them bottles for ages)

    If it’s the taste, get some juice that you need to dilute and drink it that way. Try different teas too.

  10. Y0UNG DR0* said :

    I agree with what everyone said about the crystal liqht packets, thats how i drink the most water . Just keep a bottle with you, or you can drink juice or vitamin water and its just as qood for you . You don’t have to drink just plain water . Even eatinq fruit provides a lot of water for your body, believe it or not .. Now, I don’t drink much all day, but at niqhttime i usually make sure i drink a full waterbottle and i also make sure to drink somethinq with dinner, and i almost never feel dehydrated . You don’t need to drink the full 8 glasses if you aren’t runninq marathons all day ^.^ qood luck 🙂

  11. Ellabombella said :

    i had to make myself drink more too…..i found the best way was to get a 2 liter(thats how much you should have daily) bottle of water and mark ever hour of your day on the bottle and try and make the spaces between each hour even.
    then you just have to make sure you drink to each level within that hour.
    it makes it so much easier to drink all you need.
    keep the same bottle and just fill it up each morning!

    good luck!

  12. Lisa said :

    I drink 12 to 14 glasses a day. Trick yourself into thinking that water is wonderful. Pour into fancy glasses, add a wedge of lemon or lime…try adding powdered gatorade or Koo laid to your class. If water is hard for you to drink, try freezing the flavored water, you have popsicle or frozen sluchie. Good Luck

  13. TexHabsfan said :

    I don’t care much for the taste of tap water, so I always have a half-gallon of cold water in the fridge at my disposal and for every 8oz (about 200ml) I put the juice of a medium size lime. If you’re on a diet, this is fine because limes have almost no calories, but having flavour you’re probably gonna drink more ..

  14. Scott said :

    Just try exercise. start slow and drink a little at a time. the exercise will make you sweat and your body will naturally need to replenish itself. otherwise your lookin to carry around an iv hooked into your arm.

  15. topheeson said :

    please try to eat at least two watermelon per day.

  16. Captivated said :

    What I do is put frozen fruit in a cup and fill it up with water, the fruit acts as ice cubes and adds flavor. Or try to add things like watermelon chunks, cucumber slices, or mint to help with the taste of water.

  17. James@JockItch said :

    One should make possible to drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday to stay healthy and fit.

  18. Ricky said :

    Honestly, I find just keeping a huge glass of water next to me at all times really helps me drink water throughout the day without even really thinking about it. When you go out, bring a travel bottle with you and it will serve the same function.

  19. Samantha Kirkland said :

    I am a huge fan of sparkling water. It does not even feel like water to me, it just seems like a treat. Plus it is good for you!


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