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How can i stop my eyes closing when drinking small amount of alcohol?

Whenever i drink alcohol even in the smallest quantities my eyes just close up. By this i mean that i look very pissed when im not even tipsy. The problem is that whenever i go out i immediately look hammered. Its not like i cant tell their closing, and whenever im aware that they are, i make an effort to keep them open. Any ideas how to stop this?

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6 Responses to “How can i stop my eyes closing when drinking small amount of alcohol?”

  1. ShultzyFantazmo said :

    That is a symptom of alchohol alergies. I recommend going to a doctor.

    Or maybe AA j/k

  2. Logan B said :

    I’ve never heard of this or seen this before, but I know that when people drink large amounts of alcohol, their eyes droop. I would look into the possibility of having an alcohol allergy. If your eyes are drooping but you don’t feel drunk, then maybe your body just reacts to alcohol very sensitively. You might also just have a low tolerance to alcohol. If this happens when drinking hard liquor, I would just stick to drinking beer, slowly. If its all kinds of alcohol, I would just accept it and keep drinking, if you don’t mind “pissed off” eyes. Good luck and stay awake!!!

  3. mrs sexy pants said :

    you could take some non-drowsy allergy medicine about an hour or so before you start drinking. sounds to me you’re allergic … OR you could just not drink at all. it’s an option.

  4. TE said :

    I recommend drinking at home.

  5. gwenbo said :

    Are you on any medications? I have a friend on antidepressants who can get drunk off two daiquiris.

    Do you tend to drink the same thing? I get really tired VERY quickly when I drink gin, but I can drink vodka all night and stay chattier than ever. I’m also fairly sensitive to beer. You could try a different spirit and see what it does.

    But overall, I definitely agree with the others that it could be an allergy. It’d probably be worthwhile to get it checked out.

  6. travistyle said :

    Two words, duct tape;)


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