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How can I support my husband through giving up smoking weed?

My husband is quitting smoking weed. How can I best support him through this? I am aware of some of the physical symptoms he will experience. My biggest concern is the emotional and pstchological withdrawl. He is a long-time, very functional user and is convinced that he will never enjoy things as much. He is also convinced that when he doesn’t smoke (quit a couple times before for about 3-6 months) that he actually becomes lazy and unmotivated. My nervous that he is going to be unbearable to be around!!

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4 Responses to “How can I support my husband through giving up smoking weed?”

  1. Rook said:

    Now you know how we feel when women get preggo or are on their periods… Speaking from this experience I’m just gonna say that it’s best to not say anything and just let him rant.

  2. Kieran T said:

    u should just do things to with each other to keep his mind of it or reward him

  3. Delay said:

    Go to a support group for spouses and family of addicts. They are set up to deal with this situation. Phone book or internet search for Alanon

  4. popeyethesadist said:

    some people are just plain lazy and unbearable to be around. Weed may not have anything to do with it. I quit after using daily for 15 years just because I started having panic attacks. Weed didn’t cause that either. I still have them, as do many who never smoked. I also was an azzhole when I smoked and still am. If he isn’t ready to quit, he will be miserable. I was ready and never wanted to smoke again after deciding to stop.


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