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how can i train my dog to go to the bathroom in the backyard?

My dog will only go to the bathroom when walked around the neighborhood. We walk her 3 times a day- but my wife will soon be unable to walk her in the middle of the day. We’d like to train the dog to go to the bathroom in the backyard on her own, but can’t seem to get her to go back there. Anyone have any ideas?

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9 Responses to “how can i train my dog to go to the bathroom in the backyard?”

  1. sophylakes said:

    ONLY WALK HER BACK THERE<,, once she goes there she will get the idea - DO NOT WALK HER for a week in the neighborhood....

  2. Kallia said:

    Try this: whenever she “goes” anywhere other than the backyard (not including the walks), grab her, tell her no, if possible rub her nose in it and take her out to where you want her to go and let her sit there for 3-4 seconds. It takes some time and patience but she’ll do it in the end. Good luck!

  3. Cute1Lori said:

    Take your baby doggy in the backyard away from the house, Dogs usually dont like to contaminate their own areas. Take her out every 3 hours in the backyard only (Far back) and after a couple days or so your baby will be using it like a pro.
    Dogs have no conception of time, But I suggest every 3 hours so she/he gets the feel of where to go.

  4. toonew2two said:

    When she goes out in the neighborhood give her a command, like “go potty!” or “do it” or “rainy days” so that she builds the association between what you are saying and what she is doing.

    Then BEFORE you go out on the walks around the neighborhood take her out to the back yard on a leash like you will when you walk and then give her your command.

    When she does go you need to really happy and excited and make sure she knows she is the best doggy in the whole wide world.

    This might at least give her the idea that she *can* do this… What has happened is that just like she has learned not to soil the house she has learned not to soil the yard. And it wont be the worst ever thing if she doesn’t make it out during the day just like people she can learn to hold it. But she may beg and then just send her out and tell her your command.

    And be patient!

  5. dave.persondy said:

    Same as you train her to do anything. Walk her to the back yard and if she does something reward her. Soon, she will get the idea that rewards are on offer for peeing in the back yard. After a while, she will do it on her own. Find a reward which she likes particularly, mine will do anything for cheese for example.

  6. insane said:

    don’t take her out of the yard for a few days, she will get the idea hopefully.
    no guaranty, i had a dog that would only go in the woods near my house and nowhere else.
    if she couldn’t go there she would go nowhere, once for 2 weeks,(we went to Disney World), when we let her loose of the yard we didn’t see her for 2 days.
    i dough that is common though.

  7. 2 Happily Married Americans said:

    This is going to sound really weird, but it worked with my Mom’s dog. After a long drive, when she really had to pee, I took her on her leash to a spot in the woods behind the house and peed with her. After that, she always went there.

    If you don’t live in the country, that may not work, but you might pick up a few of her turds from the walk and place them in the back yard, or just walk her around the back yard until she gets it. When she does, give her lots of positive praise and a treat. We have had several dogs, and they each have their spots to poo, one dog has to go way back by the ditch, one goes right off the deck, and they all seem to go when they are walked. So maybe try exercising her in the yard, whether its walking, fetch, frisbee, etc.

    Good luck!

  8. anonymous said:

    It may take some time & patience. Start by walking her around your backyard instead of around the neighborhood. (It may mean a number of LONG walks around your backyard!)When she does go in your backyard, give her HUGE praise. I would not scold her for going when you do walk her around the neighborhood. You do not want her to get stressed about relieving herself outside when she needs to, and it could cause unnecessary anxiety for her, and make it difficult for you to take her places What you want is for her to know that both locations are okay for her to use. In time she should get used to going in your yard as well as on her walks.

  9. Miss awesomeness said:

    I have a dog before and ever since she was a pup i always take her outside after her meal to go to the bathroom!!! Good Luck! From that day she never ever went to the bathroom in my house and i don’t need to walk her if its not necessary! you can contact me @


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