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How can i use cream flavored Asian noodles?

I was at an Asian market and i accidentally bought cream flavored noodles. I have no idea how to use them. Has anyone tried them? Are they good? What do they taste like and how can I use them?

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One Response to “How can i use cream flavored Asian noodles?”

  1. azn dolly said:

    i love cream noodles especially in stir fry just get some hoisin sauce or whatever you wanna use add a little into your wok with sliced onions, carrot, mushroom, chicken and beansprout(if you have any) .. or you can do a ‘soup’ you could use it for chicken noodle, or my favorite ‘egg drop soup’ (get the recipie from google’) obviously you could just do some pork and boil/steam some veggies and then serve it with a sweet sour sauce


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