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How did u give up smoking?

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8 Responses to “How did u give up smoking?”

  1. Ands said:

    Didn’t give anything up, gained.

  2. Arcie said:

    try chew candy as an alternative everytime your are craving to smoke.

  3. musicfan said:

    Cold Turkey – only way to go.

  4. William H said:

    Try chewing on gum and sucking and tootsie pops.

  5. Kraftee said:

    I used nicotine replacement. Worked for me – after 38 yrs as a dedicated puffer.

  6. Paramedic girl said:

    I gave up because of a cancer scare. This site will really help you if you’re thinking about it. Take the time to check it out… it will have all of the answers, and then some, that you are looking for.

    Licenced Paramedic

  7. Amanda said:

    Chantix. It works great and has been a miracle drug for me and other people I know. I highly recommend it. I don’t even think about cigarettes. Check out the website:

  8. Rey D said:

    Just say no more !!! My mom did it one evening, I told she was joking and… 14 years she quit smoking. So, go ahead!!! you can do it.


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