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How do I become a Dog Trainer or Obedience Instructor?

What type of certifications or training would be needed. Do I need a bachelor’s degree? Or is it just certifications? Would it be through a regular college or university, or somewhere else?

I live just south of Philadelphia, PA.
I would eventually like to have my one business as a trainer and pet sitter.

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2 Responses to “How do I become a Dog Trainer or Obedience Instructor?”

  1. Cookie said :

    Go to the APDT web site………..It’s Animal Pet Dog Trainers list. No college education required.
    You might check out Karen Pryors site also. She has seminars and certification programs.
    Find your local affiliated AKC kennel club, call them and ask if they have any obedience classes and go meet and talk to the instructor.

  2. WyrDachsie said :

    Certification from a school or university does not make you a dog trainer. Real hands on experience does. So start training your own dogs, start competing in obedience with them, become a member of an obedience training club and assist their instructors. Once you have enough knowledge, these clubs may allow you to teach a class and you’ll need to teach many to get experience. You need to teach group classes, learn about the different types of training techniques.


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