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How do I convert a recipe from millilitres to parts?

If I have a recipe which states:

750ml orange juice
240ml grapefruit juice
240ml tomato juice
480ml mango juice
200ml pomegranate juice

What is the best way to accurate determine the recipe in terms of parts?

Thanks in advance.

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9 Responses to “How do I convert a recipe from millilitres to parts?”

  1. Me said :

    3 parts orange juice
    1 part grapefruit juice
    1 part tomato juice
    2 parts mango juice
    0.5 parts pomegranate juice

  2. Nikki said :


  3. David S said :

    Parts are just ratios. You could take the above recipe and look at it this way:

    7.5 cups OJ
    2.4 cups GJ
    2.4 cups TJ
    4.8 cups MJ
    2 cups PJ

    Then just divide those numbers to determine smaller quantities, like this:

    7.5 cups / 2 = 3.75 cups
    2.4 cups / 2 = 1.2 cups, and so on.

  4. spooky_goes_squeak said :

    One cup is approximately 240 mL (in the United States).
    So you could say you need 3 cups of orange juice,
    1 cup grapefruit, 1 cup tomato, 2 cups mango and like ¾ cup of pomegranate juice.
    In parts, 3:1:1:2:¾.

  5. grubbman7 said :

    4 parts oarnge juice
    1 part grapefruit
    1 part tomato
    3 parts mango
    1 part pomegran

    this is rounded though, using parts will not be accurate unless the parts are perfectly divisable by the total.

    your total ml’s are 1910 and none of the amounts evenly divide into that figure so going on the rounded figures, you will end up with more of some and less of others.

  6. Soapyguy said :

    Add all your ingredients together to get the total. Then divide the individual ingredient amount by the total amount to get a %

    OJ (750/1910) 40%
    grapefruit (240/1910) 12.5%
    tomato (240/1910) 12.5%
    Mango (480/1910) 25%
    pomegranate (200/1910) 10%

    Now that you know your percentages mutiply the numbers by something easy like 2
    8 parts OJ
    2.5 parts grapefruit
    2.5 parts Tomato
    5 parts Mango
    2 parts pomegranate

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