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How do I get a dried green tea stain out of a carpet?

My husband knocked over my tea, and we thought it would be easy to get out of the carpet. But when it dried I tried everything and it is not coming out. I figured green tea would be easier than black tea to remove-how wrong I was. Plus I live in a rental unit, so our landlord isn’t going to be too happy

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2 Responses to “How do I get a dried green tea stain out of a carpet?”

  1. Paul said :

    A professional carpet/upholstery can remove this stain with Pro’Choice’s Stain Magic, a damp terry cloth towel and an iron. Do not attempt to use/try bleach or powdered laundry products as some on the board always recommend, as they may/will damage the carpet dyes permanently. Check the label if this tea came in a plastic bottle to see if the tea has a food grade dye in it, if so,the pro will resort to Pro’s Choice”s Red Relief, a damp towel, and an iron. You can locate a certified professional carpet/upholstery cleaner at, for your part of the country. The solution and the stain are then rinsed/extracted from the carpet with an upholstery tool. There is a counter product to Red Relief, so named because most dye stains are red in color, Kool Aid, for example. This product will work on most any color food grade dye stain. Colored stains, other than food grade dyes, are always permanent. by the way, I’m a pro. The products mentioned may be Prochem Brand, we use products from both sources.

  2. Akash P said :

    try to use clean pro


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