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How do i get food produced for a fast food restaurant?

I have a idea for a fast food restaurant but dont know where to get my recipes mass produced.

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4 Responses to “How do i get food produced for a fast food restaurant?”

  1. gg said :

    pb and banana….uh huh HUH…

  2. silly_me said :

    Start you own successful business, then expand over time.

  3. Elissa T said :

    Take it to corporate in McDonald’s and Wendy’s then work your way through other fast food places. Try to reach the upper echelons of these chains and write them letters.

  4. missopinions said :

    why do you need your recipes mass produced? To start out you need one prototype restaurant, build up the clientelle base, then sell franchises. That’s how it works. But it all starts with one restaurant!


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