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How do I keep my alfredo sauce from separating?

Before I served it last night, the cheese separated out from the cream and butter and didn’t cover the noodles well at all.

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5 Responses to “How do I keep my alfredo sauce from separating?”

  1. Nikki said :

    I wish i could help, but I’ve never made homemade Alfredo sauce. Sounds good thou. Did you get it from a recipe. if so did you follow all the instructions. Sorry i couldn’t be more of a help.

  2. Chef Mark said :

    Keep it warm but not hot, and serve it as soon as possible.

    Its such a quick and easy sauce and it can be made to order.

  3. Lucky said :

    Conrstarch! It will help bind everything together for you. Just add a little to the pan as it is cooking… make sure you keep stirring it and that it is fully cooked into the sauce & voila!

  4. kgm3boys said :

    make it just before serving…don’t cook it on High heat. That will also effect the cheese…make sure it really is melted. don’t overcook. Please don’t add cornstarch like the answer before…that will ruin it. A bit of garlic will also intensify the flavor.

  5. EmM said :

    Use processed cheese and not natural cheese it will help keep the sauce from separating.

    What happened was the butter seperated from the egg yolks. If you have eggy clumps, you have broken the sauce and then scrabled the resultant egg parts – in that case all is lost.If it has simply broken, you need to re-emulsify it. Take a small amount of hot water (teaspoon or two) and SLOWLY whisk the sauce into it. It should recombine. To prevent it from breaking, you need to heat it SLOWLY and while whisking.


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