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How do i keep my slow cooker meals from being dry and overdone?

This is the second meal I’ve made w/ my slow cooker using a slow cooker recipe book and even shortening the cooking time by 2 hours. I still came home to a dry overdone pot roast. I cooked the meal on low on the shortest hour setting for low of 8 hrs. Any suggestions?

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8 Responses to “How do i keep my slow cooker meals from being dry and overdone?”

  1. asmahuzair said :

    maybe you can take it out earlier or add water or stock or some form of moisture? i hope that helps 🙂 good luck

  2. lon_star said :

    If your slow cooker meals are drying out, it’s almost always because of the amount of liquid. Use more liquid, or use a few ice cubes.

    Also, cookers, like ovens, can run hot or cold. I’d try increasing the amount of liquid first, though. Try adding another cup of water or broth to the pot before you leave.

  3. wolfsdenpersonalchef said :

    you need to add water to cover your roast by about an inch

  4. cowgirl_power82 said :

    You may need more liquid but here is another secret. Most of the roasts you get out there these days do not have enough fat on them. I know everyone cuses fat, but fat is what makes meat moist. Look for roasts that seens to have good fat thru out it, and also a good fat cap on top. Trim the fat cap off be fore serving.

  5. sage312 said :

    U need to add more stock or whatever liquid seasoning ur using

  6. klab101 said :

    Next time ask the butcher at the meat department for a fatty piece of beef. It will melt away but keep the meat moist. Also, Before adding the roast to the crock, brown it on all sides of a med/med hot skillet to sear the outside. This will help keep the juices in it while cooking. Also, beer is a natural meat tenderizer. Use a bottle of beer instead of water or broth and it will be amazing! It won’t taste like beer when done just very flavorful and tender.

  7. chanatg said :
  8. rainlinb said :


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