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How do I keep soda fizzy ?

Soda pop is one of the world’s favorite drinks. However, since the secret of soda is in its fizz, too many sodas are put to waste once the drink goes flat. This usually happens when the carbonated water escapes from the drink. Here are some ways to preserve the fizz, so you can enjoy your soda longer:

1) Open the soda only when you’re going to drink it. Seal it up after pouring in the drink on a glass. This prevents carbonated water from escaping easily into the air.

2) Refrain from shaking the can or bottle because this causes its carbon dioxide contents to mix with air, resulting in more fizz.

3) Keep the soda cold by refrigerating. Warm temperature makes the soda fizz more, so if you drink your soda and you don’t finish it, make sure keep it back in the refrigerator to keep it cool.

4) Not everyone knows this, but if you pour your soda at an angle, it reduces impact and in turn, cutting down the amount of fizz. You can do this by tilting the glass when pouring the soda so that it pours along the glass before reaching the bottom.

5) Store your soda in small containers to prevent air from escaping. Since soda typically becomes flat in empty bottles, expect a 2-liter container to fizz easier than a 20-ounce bottle.

6) Refrain from using dry ice in the glass because fizzes occur more when come in contact with dry surfaces. This is the most used technique, especially in restaurants.

You can enjoy your soda longer if you follow these steps. But if you’re some of the few people that likes soda without that magical fizz, then you won’t have any problem.

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