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How do I make a vegetarian burrito ?

Some people find healthy food dull and do not even tickle their taste buds; actually, it is not the food itself, but the preparation and presentation. Here are some tips on preparing tasty and healthful vegetarian burrito. It is very easy to make a vegetarian burrito; all you need is cumin, grated cheese, red onions, canned black beans, flour or corn tortillas, your preferred salsa, cilantro and your desired toppings.

First, wash the yams and peel it. After dicing, place them two to three minutes in the microwave until it softens. Then, dice all the ingredients along with the extras you want in your vegetarian burrito. Mix all your ingredients, put them in a bowl, and set it aside.

Now the fun part, gather all your ingredients and follow this for every burrito you make. After putting all the ingredients in the tortilla, add a quarter cup o black beans, quarter cup of diced yams, a tablespoon of cilantro and diced onions, cumin powder with your desired amount, One to two tablespoon of salsa and cheese. You can now add all the extras you want, make sure that you can still close the tortilla with all the ingredients and extras you added or will no longer be a burrito.

Lastly, roll the tortilla with folded ends and put it in a microwave or one to two minutes. Once the cheese melts, sprinkle your cumin on top cilantro and a tablespoon of salsa. Now, your vegetarian burrito is ready, eat and enjoy. Remember to add all the ingredients and extras horizontally so you can easily roll the tortilla. Make sure to wash all your ingredients you add before chopping them.

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