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How do I prepare apples for apple pie?

I have a whole heap of Granny Smith apples and puff pastry to make individual apple pies in my pie maker, but I’ve lost the book which gives instructions on what to do with the apples first….I don’t want to add custard cos I hate it, but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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6 Responses to “How do I prepare apples for apple pie?”

  1. chocolatelashe said :

    peel the apples then put sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract on them and then fill the crusts with the mixture

  2. KP said :

    to prepare the apples first peel them. then slice them as small as you would like. then add a sugar and cinnamon mixture to the apples. look on google or something. there are plenty of recipes

  3. Reesie said :

    Peel, core and slice the apples. Try to keep the size of the slices even.
    Mix sugar, flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, and salt in large bowl.
    Stir in apples.

  4. Brian X said :

    For full-sized pies, I’ve always been partial to sauteeing in butter and sugar until they’re just starting to break down into applesauce — they go the rest of the way during baking, but you get a very dense, tasty filling that doesn’t drip all over the place. The method in question is “Apple Pie #2” in The Joy of Cooking (I found it in the 1997 Joy, but it’s still in ’06 as well).

    For a pie iron though — I don’t know. I suspect that might be the right way to go, but you may want to try shredding the apples on a box grater the way Cooks Illustrated suggests for Apple Turnovers. A little bit of cornstarch, potato starch, or arrowroot would help if it’s too liquid too, but be very sparing with that. (I would say, though, if you’re using puff pastry, throw away the pie maker and just make turnovers. Waste of good puff pastry if you’re not actually going to let it puff.)

  5. Joseph I said :

    Get some lime or lemon juice. Citric acid will prevent your apples from browning (oxidizing) after you cut them. So I simply Get a Large bowl filled half way of ice water and add some lemon juice to it. 1-2 tablespoons is enough.

    After you peel and core an apple just toss it in the ice water bath with the lemon juice while you peel the rest of them. After you done with that and all the apples are sliced to your liking drain all the water and add your sugar and cinnamon. Some people add a dusting of flour, not much, maybe a tablespoon which will help thicken up all the juices for the pie.

    Best of luck!

  6. M M T said :

    Granny Smith apple will take quite awhile to get “done” so I would recommend cooking them before hand.

    Wash, peel and slice thinly. Place in water with lemon juice or vinegar or lemonade drink mix. Heck, I’ve used lemon lime soda in a pinch. What you need is the acid to keep the apples from turning brown while you peel and slice the rest……

    Then drain well, toss in a large bowl with sugar/brown sugar, a pinch of salt, your spices of choice and a few tablespoons of flour. Pop into a large saute pan with a bit of butter. This is a to taste thing, some people like them very sweet, some people like the bite of the Granny Smith apples so they don’t put in as much sugar. Granny Smith’s won’t get real soft and turn to applesauce but they will get softer. You’re looking for that fork tender thing….
    Taste and adjust seasonings and sugar to your liking.


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